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Dutch Language Course

Beginners’ Course

You have already learned some Dutch but are still experiencing difficulties when chatting with co-workers, telling people something about yourself or explaining to the doctor what’s ailing you. This course will give your self-confidence a boost, you’ll substantially expand your vocabulary and no longer be afraid to speak Dutch. You will practice Dutch conversation in class, and after every class receive an assignment to practice what you’ve learned outside of the class room.

Advanced Learners Course.

You have already learned a fair amount of Dutch and you have, for example, passed your Integration Exam at the A 2 level. You are, however, still experiencing difficulties in holding up your end of a conversation. You want to raise your fluency level, either for work-related and/or educational purposes or for your day-to-day contacts with Dutch people. If that is the case, than this course is just right for you. You will practice a lot and receive homework as well as practice assignments.

Course Content

A course comprises an individual initial interview and 10 classes. During the interview, we will assess what fluency level you are currently at and what your learning goals are. In addition to the material discussed in class, you will receive homework and practice assignments. We work with small groups of 6 to 8 participants. This way, we can give sufficient attention to all students and provide ample opportunity for interaction.

Course fee: negotiable, depending on class size

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